Sunday, 26 July 2020

Getting Married and getting down with the Clowns 25-07-2020.

Good day to you one and all. This Saturday just gone, my beloved Sylvia and you good self were married in a small ceremony (restricted by the current virus crisis) at All Saints here in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. It will be a while, but when I get them I shall put some photos on the blog. I tell you when Sylvia came down the aisle a tear came to my eye. She was so beautiful.

I came across a music group called the Insane Clown Posse. I can't say I have heard much of their music yet, but I like their images, in part because I have put on a clown face now and again over the last 30 to 40 years. 

                               WEAR A FU*KING MASK.


                    Wrong-way up and right way down.                                         

Brothers and sisters. Dudes and dudesses. Juggalos and all who fit into different genres, Be safe out there and be creative. Love and peace to ya all. Those of you who are able, go to my about page and donate some dosh So Mr &Mrs P G Kimble can get our art & recording studio up and running in Barbados.  Laters, Peter the newly married Kimble.  (Wedding photos to follow on another blog.   

Friday, 24 July 2020

Friday 24th July 2020 and I am getting married in the morning. God Willing

Fish on Friday and as I have stated in the title, I am getting married in the morning. 

It will be an unusual wedding, because of the lockdown.

There will be Sylvia, me, and the vicar, father David, who incidentally, apart from being the parish priest for All Saints Church and St Peters church is also the priest for Luton Town football club. He certainly has his hands full. That is when they aren't clasped together in prayer.
 Then there will be Hal, Sylvia`s dad to give her away. My bro Alan who is my best man. (As he was at my first wedding to my late wife Tracy.) My son Josh and finally Lidia, a filmmaker doing a documentary about me , my life, and my art.   


                                             This is me as I embark on a series of different fasting regimes. 
                                            Today it was water fast and a few days ago I  undertook a 
                                             strict dry fast.  

Well, my beloved brothers and sisters if anyone wants to send a monetary gift to Sylvia and me then please go to the about page on my website `The` and hit that donate button. Thank you in advance for your generosity.  Your bro in art and Christ, Peter G Kimble.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Good day to you one and all. Near and far. 

                                          This above started out as a bag! Its hanging up on
                                          the clothesline drying, as it`s had a lot more paint. 

                                                    You will not recognize this bag now.

                                             Twinkle toes.

                                                   This folks is my studio space for today

                                             Same painting two ways around.
                                            I especially like the dark colours dancing with the lighter colours. I also                                                like the red lines on the painting below. 
                                              The above should be flipped up to the right!

                          Glad I haven't been drinking alcohol before seeing the above!

                                                                  Or the below.

                                                    This photo could have been sharper, but
                                            I have got a lot to do today. I am glad you have
                                            the time to look at my blog and thank you. 


 Please, brothers and sisters. If any of you would like to purchase one of my artworks then please contact my manager Sylvia Gooding at 

 Also, those of you who are prepared to donate to my artistic endeavors, please go to the about page on my website for a link to donate. Blessings love and peace to you and yours. Your brother in art and light, Peter G Kimble. 

Stay safe out there my beloved brothers and sisters and wherever possible, walk in the light. Peace and love, Peter G Kimble